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The Beard Oil Pledge

We recently had the pleasure of an interview with Bobert Brush, the eccentric founder of The Beard Oil Pledge. Turns out this man has made a pledge to collect every beard oil in the world into one place for the purpose of his giant experiment!

As well as relentlessly questioning us about our recipe and inspiration, Bob was keen to do a full review and put our Tea Tree, Rosemary and Lemon beard oil through its paces.

Bob’s project has a full charter and complex beard oil review methodology, so we were nervous to see how our recipe held up against the competition!

Turns out that we have received the highest mark awarded yet! 

We managed to score an exceptional 89% overall, based on our high individual scores in aroma, therapy and value.

Bob is very scientific about his review processes, especially with relation to the Value calculation. He stated in his review that based on his analysis of 57 specimens, the average market price of beard oil in the UK is £0.41 per ml.

You can see why he awarded us 90% for value, when our product retails for less than half the average market price!

You can read the full review here: 

And to finish with a quote from Bob’s review:

“Sweet lemon tones and rustic rosemary gently vie for your attention and transport you away to ancient moors, sparsely stubbled with gorse and heather.  Bees happily float through the air as ancient castles made of stone loom in the background”

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