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10 easy ways to look and feel younger

As woman, isn't it a dream of ours to age like a fine wine?

Age is sadly inevitable, yet thankfully, there are a few easy ways to age beautifully.

Recently, I have been digging up some expert-approved advice on how to look and feel younger, and I now have some crafty little secrets to share with you!

When sleeping, put your hair up

Hair is like a magnet for bacteria and pollution. When you are sleeping, your hair can rub on your face and bedding which could cause breakouts.


By having clean hair before bed and putting it into a loose ponytail or braid can help less bacteria to build up on your pillowcase.

It's all in the eyes!

Whether you are putting your moisturiser on, removing makeup or rubbing your eyes, the skin around your eyes is very sensitive!

This means with some vigorous movement, you might end up doing more harm than good.

Skin around the eyes is likely to sag more if we aren't gentle so be sure to take it easy and your skin with thank you!

Invest in this fantastic eye cream and your eyes will stay depuffed and glowing.

Here is just one of many positive reviews for this eye cream!

"I use it daily and it has worked wonders, no more eye bags! You only need a tiny tiny bit so it lasts forever too."


The magic of vitamin C

Vitamin C is high in collagen and elastin, which are both fantastic at keeping the skin plump and firm.

It can also help premature ageing of the skin and keeps redness and breakouts away.

If you want a youthfully smooth appearance on your face, opt for products that are high in vitamin C such as this beauty of a cleanser.

We had a customer tell us - "Lush! I use the lime & coconut cleansing water. My skin looks radiant like it’s had a face peel."

Lime is very high in vitamin C also!

Don't forget your hands!

It's all too easy to take care of the rest of our bodies and forget about our hands. Chemicals and hot water can strip off protective moisturising barriers making hands prone to becoming dry and cracking.

This in time will make your hands look older and very dry.

Experts say it's best to apply a good moisturiser to your hands before you put on rubber gloves.

This gives your skin the set-up barrier before coming into contact with hot water. Rather than stripping your skin and trying to repair the damage afterwards.

Why not treat your skin to a lovely bundle set?

Your hands won't be the only part of you that's glowing!


Have more sex

Will sex help us stay young?

According to professionals, having a consistent sex life has a ton of health benefits.

From things like improved blood flow circulation that brightens skin to releasing cortisol which is the stress hormone. Sex seems to play a part in keeping our skin young and fresh.

While stating that sex can keep us young can be controversial to some, the biggest health benefit that I can totally back up is that it helps you sleep better.

Oxytocin released after sex is often referred to as the cuddle hormone. It helps people to feel relaxed and sleepy afterwards which often leads to better sleep.

And better sleep is massively linked to staying youthful and looking fresh in the morning.

Try a fringe out to cover small lines

Adding a fringe or some bangs to your hairstyle can instantly look younger and it can help hide any forehead lines that have appeared naturally over the years.

I'd pop to your hairdresser and ask them if this would suit your face shape. If so, go for it!

A simple hair change from time to time can work wonders at making us feel and look younger!


I have been rocking a fringe for a wee while now!


Deep treatment from time to time

Now and then it is great for the skin to have a proper treat! And what better way to do this than with a face mask?

Over the years, I have become the queen of face masks. I'm pretty sure that I have tried them all!

One thing I have learned is that if a face mask costs 1 or 2 pounds, you can be sure it's going to do zilch for your face and is probably stuffed with chemicals.

The same goes for unnecessarily higher-priced face masks. These are usually super flashy and all sorts of unrealistic promises.

What you need in a face mask is something natural, cruelty-free and made from clay - which has been used for hundreds of years to improve skin health.

You need our Aloe and Rose face mask in your life!

One customer ever said. "Absolutely love this mask. It smells so so good and leaves my skin so glowy afterwards."


Quit, already!

Smoking is probably one of the worst things you can do for your skin. Under a microscope, you can often see wrinkles in people as young as 20 who smoke.

Smoking contributes to the breakdown of collagen, so in all, if you do smoke quit now if you want to stay young.


Keep your make-up light

I'm a strong believer in natural beauty but if you have to wear makeup, try to keep it as light as you can.

Thick layers of foundation pile on the years as well as lots of heavy glittery eye make-up.

Choose a light foundation such as a bb cream and cover the under-eye with a light concealer.

Your natural beauty is gorgeous!


Incorporate healthy fats into your diet

Fats are great at helping your cells create healthy strong membranes which you need for your skin's barrier and protection against the environment.

Choose foods such as avocados, salmon, olive oil, eggs and nuts to keep healthy fats in your diet.

If you made it all the way down here, thank you so much for reading!

If you have any comments, please do let me know and we will get back to you!

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Until next time beautiful people!

Mary-Anne x

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