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A toner? Do i really need one?

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Here at White Rabbit Skincare, we're frequently asked "what is a toner?" and, more often "do I really need one?" Unfortunately, due to somewhat outdated information, many people are often advised that toners are an unnecessary or optional step in the skincare routine, but we disagree, as they can provide some really amazing benefits to your skin. So, what is a toner and when do I use it? Toners are liquid products, designed to be used after cleansing and before moisturising - for example we remove makeup with our Lime & Coconut Cleansing Water, do a deep cleanse with the...

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Extending the Olive Branch...

Melanie Blane cleansing balm lipbalm natural nourishment olive wax skin benefits skincare vegan

Beeswax has traditionally been used in products (from candles to lip balm) for hundreds of years, but as a vegan, bee-loving company, White Rabbit Skincare sought out an alternative to this, and use olive wax instead! Olive Wax is obtained from a process of blending different fractions directly from olive oil to produce a hard wax, similar to beeswax. No chemicals or foreign matter are used in this process, ensuring its purity and thus making it an ideal choice for use in natural skincare products. Indeed, beekeepers in many countries use pesticide strips to protect the bees from parasites, and as such beeswax...

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